Thomas Day

Thomas Day (Tom) is an independent international strategic business and marketing planning consultant with over twenty years experience. Before moving into consulting and training he worked for nine years with Digital Equipment Corporation, two years of which were spent at their commercial business and marketing headquarters in New Hampshire, USA.  His other senior management and company director experience was gained at NCR, ICL, The Hoskyns Group and Leasco Software.

Tom’s consulting and training work, with companies in the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia, ranges from strategic business planning through marketing planning to corporate account management planning.  He has helped large, high technology manufacturing and services companies, and Users of such products and services, to build more cohesive management teams and produce effective marketing-led Plans in often fast-moving, unstructured but highly competitive markets. This experience, encompassing sales, marketing and business operations, has helped him to develop a practical, comprehensive, Planning Methodology for business, marketing and competitive positioning.  This proven, easy to use and compatible Planning Framework has encouraged his clients to identify, and then successfully exploit, their short and long term opportunities long after his consulting assignments with them have been completed.

Tom’s real drive is to help individuals, and the companies they work in, to become more Customer-oriented and more Competitor-oriented in their planning processes. He feels that many important decisions are taken daily largely from an internal viewpoint. Little real analysis is performed by looking at the changing perceptions and needs of their existing and potential Customers, or in forecasting how their existing and potential Competitors might attack them.  Consequently, they implement strategies determined largely in the past now and in the future. Tom has developed over the years a practical Planning Methodology to address these issues.

Companies Tom has worked for over the years include the following well-known companies: ACI Worldwide, American Airlines, Ameritech Corporation, Barclays Bank, Cable and Wireless, Canon Business Systems, The CGS Group, Cisco Systems, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), Ericsson Telecommunications, Frost &  Sullivan, Fujitsu-Siemens, London Stock Exchange, Kingston Communications Group, Lucent Technologies, Management Centre Europe, Microsoft Corporation, Misys International Banking, Mobistar, Motorola, Philips Electronics, SAS Institute, Storage Technology, Sun Microsystems, and Lloyds TSB Bank.