Low Hong Keng


Low Hong Keng is a fellow member of the ACCA and an MBA alumnus of Bath University, UK. In his career spanning 35 years, he relished the experience gained in varied ethnic organisations and industries. He first started out as an Internal Auditor with United Asian Bank (a banking institution comprising three banks from India); then on as an Accountant/Finance & Admin Manager in General Electric Company, Philips Malaysia, Tan Chong Motor Assemblies and KL Glass Manufacturers; later as Financial Controller and as General Manager of Nylex (Malaysia) Bhd- Polymer Division; and finally as General Manager/Director of Berjaya Corp Bhd’s textile manufacturing outfit.

With his solid 35 years corporate experience in various capacities, Hong Keng is highly qualified and well placed to share his experience and knowledge as a trainer and consultant. When he was on the other side of the fence, he was always a strong advocate of human capital development, earning him recognition as a people builder. His deep conviction and passion in training and development has naturally led him to the learning and development industry.

 Mr. Low’s specialisation includes managerial accounting, management, systems and strategic planning. For in-house courses, he will customise the workshops in order to address the clients’ specific needs. He does so by having dialogue sessions with the key personnel prior to the actual training.

As a trainer, Hong Keng has helped numerous people and organisations to make a difference. He sees people as the critical success factor that can make or break an organisation especially in the 21st century where the imperatives are speed, change, technology and knowledge.

 He recognises that people are a primary source of competitive advantage and as such, companies ought to invest in them so that their talents are continuously updated and sharpened. The imperative to sustain this precious resource cannot be emphasised enough in light of the demand for brain power in an intensely competitive global business environment.