Eric Neoh


Eric Neoh’s core areas of training are in Improving Business English, Management Development, and Sales and Marketing. Prior to becoming a full-time trainer/consultant, Eric worked in various roles for a 23-year period including being a banking advisor, business coach, mentor, new product developer and marketr in sales with various corporations in Sydney, Australia as well as in Malaysia. These experiences allow him to impart the relevant competencies to his clients who comprise mainly small and medium enterprises, public listed companies and multinational corporations.

Trained by Citibankers when he started his career in the 80’s and corporately groomed by a series of MBA qualified mentors; Eric has extensive broad range credit, business & economic assessment capabilities. In his familiar field of banking and business economics; he has helped both client and institution with developing innovative products allowing for speedy & effective corporate execution.

Eric holds a Masters in Business Finance and a Bachelor degree in Economics. Over a 23-year period, his roles have included being a banking advisor, business coach, mentor, trainer, new product developer, marketer in sales with various corporations in Sydney, Australia as well as Malaysia. He firmly believes that by being both professional and creative; one is well grounded in skills yet always extending towards being extraordinary.

In the area of corporate finance & strategy, he has worked from the CEO’s Office of a listed corporation where he identified and implemented value added strategies for group business enhancement. In this role, he excelled in data intelligence and research, enhancing strategic positioning for the company and furthered his business coaching skills.

Based on his diverse experience he is able to look and think out-of-the-box proven by his track record of bold moves for innovative industry players. These included outfitting the tenancy of a Shopping Complex and in Banking; new product development for the State Government, Telecoms & Putrajaya Holdings and Bank of Commerce.