Think Like the Customer


If we look around us, the most successful companies and entrepreneurs are those who are able to “Think Like their Targeted Customers.” This is easier said than done and has serious ramifications to the organisation.

First, it implies that every company has its own target customers rather than everyone is a potential customer. Everyone is a SUSPECT but not everyone is a PROSPECT and this philosophy will help the organisation and its people to focus on its targeted customers.

The second point is that we then need to “THINK LIKE THE TARGETED CUSTOMER” because once we are able to do so, we will be able to know what, when, where, who, why and how they buy. This knowledge will then enable us to work out the strategies and action plans to reach them effectively.

This two-day session will provide Sales and Marketing professionals with the essential competencies to enable them to THINK LIKE THE CUSTOMER to enhance their Return on Investment from their efforts.

Benefits to You

  • Be aware of the benefits to “Think like the Customer” and the perils of not doing so
  • Appreciate the common mistakes that organisations and their people make when selling their products or services
  • Apply a proven process to “Think like the customer”
  • Understand the different factors that drive the different customers’ (sole proprietor, purchaser with company, partnership) buying behaviours
  • Identify the opportunities which have the higher probability of closing and offer the chance to enhance the deal velocity (while also helping to identify those who are not ready to commit)
  • See the world through the customers’ eyes and be aware of the value that the customers perceive in your organisation, people, and the product and services offered
  • Appreciate the cause and effect of business value and how your capabilities align to the achievement of your customers’ goals
  • Map the prospects’ buying process and identify all the parameters, milestones, decision making points and events involved
  • Learn practical and proven techniques to gain access to higher level personnel to work to your advantage
  • Use the knowledge of customers to develop or modify products and services that will appeal to them
  • Know how to influence to accelerate your customers’ buying process

Programme Outline

  • Insider thinking and its adverse impact on business
  • Customers think like the outsiders, not insiders
  • Think like the customer—a simple idea that is easy to overlook or neglect
  • Building a “Think like the Customer” culture in your decision making and into every detail of your Sales and Marketing efforts
  • What most organisations and their sales teams do when dealing with customers?
  • It is not just about understanding needs—it is about knowing whether we can or want to fulfill those needs PROFITABLY
  • The five main factors that drive buying behaviors
  • How entrepreneurs and salaried employees buy differently and how to manage them accordingly?
  • The role of the company’s culture on buying behaviors
  • Knowing the KPIs of the buyer and his motives
  • What customers say they want and what they really want may be different?
  • How customers’ risk appetite affect buying behaviors
  • The common types of risk appetites and how to identify them
  • It is never in what the customers say—it is always in what they do
  • Cause and effect of business value—Causes of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction:
  • What can you do when everything else does not seem to work?
  • Cost and value of customer relationships
  • Do customer relationships matter anymore in today’s markets?
  • The declining importance of customer relationships and how to deal with it
  • The cost-benefit ratio of building customer relationships
  • The anatomy of the buying decision process
  • Knowing the process, systems and the people and working backwards
  • Translating the knowledge into results
  • Recognizing who needs to champion this cause
  • What can I do individually to “Think like the Customer”?

Who Will Benefit by Attending

  1. Sales & Marketing Vice-Presidents/Directors
  2. National/Regional Sales & Marketing Managers
  3. Sales & Marketing Executives
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Anyone who is keen to improve their business

Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by:

Mr. Patrick Ng is a highly acclaimed international Sales and Marketing cum Management trainer/consultant who will use his 21 years of corporate experience and fourteen years’ training/consulting to help you achieve the desired results. The corporate experience garnered from the ranks of sales/marketing executive, Sales Manager, Head of Strategic Business Unit and then to Chief Executive Officer of a multinational in different industries ensures that participants learn practical tools that can be implemented. Participants have consistently commented that his training is effective because they are able to relate to what they are actually facing.

He is an associate of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia which allows him to keep abreast with the latest developments from the Harvard Business. In addition, he is the external Sales/Marketing trainer for the Europe, Asia and Middle East Region for a leading U.S. based medical device company with annual turnover of US$9 billion. This allows him to share global best practices.

Patrick will challenge and change your perspectives, delight and entertain you and impart essential competencies and the appropriate mind-set to enhance your effectiveness.  His greatest satisfaction are seeing his participants become more productive and enjoy what they are doing and coaching his two children to graduate as medical doctors from the University of Cambridge.

Venue The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Duration Two Days
Time 0900 to 1730
Fee RM2, 756 per person for local delegates or US$880 per person for foreign delegates [price is inclusive of 6% GST, programme documentation, tea breaks and lunch]
Enquiries +603-27131165
Email or