Effective Sales Management


Most sales managers are promoted based on their strength and ability to sell. Yet, these same managers may not be given the opportunity to improve their sales management competencies. Without these competencies, sales managers will not be able to achieve their principal accountability—TO BE ABLE TO SELL THROUGH OTHERS. WE CONTINUE TO SEE TOO MANY INCIDENTS WHEREBY THE SALES MANAGERS ARE JUST ANOTHER SALES PERSON!

Many organisations invest money in training their sales people and lesser on their sales manager. We must recognise that sales people’s efforts will be hindered if their sales managers are not able to provide them with the necessary support and motivation to get them to achieve their potential. The situation becomes even more pressing during tough market conditions. The consequence is that the sales team members will not achieve their key performance indicators.

The heavy responsibilities that Sales Managers have will cause them  to lose focus or under-emphasise on their number one role—to effectively manage and develop their sales force and get each member of the team to realise their full potential.

This two-day intensive and practical session will impart sales managers with the processes, mind-set and competencies to bring the best out of their sales people in good and tough times. When this happens, there will be a quantum leap in the ultimate sales and profit performance.

Benefits to You

  • Align sales strategies to marketing strategies
  • Obtain the desired results from a sales team using sales plans and sales targeting techniques
  • Employ a technique for proper sales forecasting and getting the buy-in of sales people for their allocated sales targets
  • Recognise that sales management is not just about managing results, it is about influencing behaviors—be clear the behaviors necessary for success
  • Learn a proven process to monitor and track sales targets and take the corrective action
  • Jointly develop sales strategies and translate them into actual action plans
  • Understand your own sales leadership style and be flexible in adapting style to achieve the optimum results
  • Set clear performance standards and measures for sales people
  • Know what to do and not to do during joint visits
  • Develop and coach sales team members
  • Manage and rectify poor performance
  • Build a thinking and winning culture in the sales team

Programme Outline

  • The business case for Effective Sales Management:
  • What happens to sales management in real-life situations and what are the consequences?
  • The common challenges and causes of these challenges
  • Setting, leading and managing expectations
  • Sales Management is about influencing behaviors first and then managing results (wrong behaviors bring wrong results)
  • What actions differentiate effective sales managers from the average ones?
  • The top FIVE Competencies required
  • Cascading targets to sales people to get their buy-in
  • Setting clear performance measures and standards
  • Developing winning sales strategies
  • Knowing where the market is and restructuring the team to seize the opportunities
  • Aligning sales strategies to marketing strategies
  • Translating sales strategies into sales people actions
  • Consequences of failing to track appropriate actions and behaviors
  • Knowing own sales leadership style and the inherent strengths and weaknesses
  • The common sales leadership styles and the appropriate sales leadership style to use under the different situations
  • Understanding and leading different sales personalities
  • Building a thinking and winning culture in the team
  • Why is coaching powerful and who should be coaching?
  • Applying a five-step coaching process to guide the coaching conversation
  • Things to do and to avoid when conducting coaching
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of joint sales visits
  • List of things to do and to avoid
  • Curb-site coaching and how it is done
  • The importance of non-sales staff in providing the promised service levels
  • Getting the non-sales staff engaged
  • Avoiding the tendency to do things the “way we have always done so”

Who Will Benefit by Attending

  1. Sales & Marketing Vice-Presidents/Directors
  2. National/Regional Sales & Marketing Managers
  3. District Sales Managers
  4. Sales & Marketing Executives
  5. Entrepreneurs
  6. Anyone who needs to lead, manage and motivate a sales team

Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by:

Mr. Patrick Ng is a highly acclaimed international Sales and Marketing cum Management trainer/consultant who will use his 21 years of corporate experience and fourteen years’ training/consulting to help you achieve the desired results. The corporate experience garnered from the ranks of sales/marketing executive, Sales Manager, Head of Strategic Business Unit and then to Chief Executive Officer of a multinational in different industries ensures that participants learn practical tools that can be implemented. Participants have consistently commented that his training is effective because they are able to relate to what they are actually facing.

He is an associate of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia which allows him to keep abreast with the latest developments from the Harvard Business. In addition, he is the external Sales/Marketing trainer for the Europe, Asia and Middle East Region for a leading U.S. based medical device company with annual turnover of US$9 billion. This allows him to share global best practices.

Patrick will challenge and change your perspectives, delight and entertain you and impart essential competencies and the appropriate mind-set to enhance your effectiveness.  His greatest satisfaction are seeing his participants become more productive and enjoy what they are doing and coaching his two children to graduate as medical doctors from the University of Cambridge.

Venue The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Duration Two Days
Time 0900 to 1730
Fee RM2, 756 per person for local delegates or US$880 per person for foreign delegates [price is inclusive of 6% GST, programme documentation, tea breaks and lunch]
Enquiries +603-27131165
Email info@pkmh.com or pkmh.training@yahoo.com