Influencing for Results


The reality is that a large part of a manager or leader’s success depends on his/her ability to influence internal and external parties effectively.

 It is definitely easier to influence those whom we have formal authority over, but how do we influence people whom we have no formal control? It may appear to be very difficult, yet there are examples of so many people we see on a daily basis who are able to influence those around them with or without formal authority. The power and ability to influence is definitely a life-long skill that everyone, especially managers and leaders must possess.

 Most influencing skills training programmes zoom in immediately into imparting the influencing competencies. How is this training different? Our experience shows that everyone has their OWN PREFERRED influencing tendencies with the inherent strengths and weaknesses. The effectiveness of the training is significantly enhanced through awareness of these own preferred tendencies first—a case of AWARENESS BEFORE CHANGE. Then and only after then, the participants will apply the influencing competencies acquired.

This two-day session will impart participants with the competencies to influence those around them in order to accomplish important workplace goals—to the benefit of themselves, their colleagues, shareholders and the organisation.

Benefits to You

  • Appreciate why it is important to influence and take concrete steps to improve their own influencing capabilities
  • Know what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and the relationship between EQ and influence
  • Recognise their own EQ and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their own preferred influencing styles derived from their own EQ
  • Develop strategies to leverage on their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses in their influencing styles
  • Know how to be adaptable in influencing the different EQ personalities
  • Appreciate the internal and external barriers to influence and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Apply a proven, seven-step influence model that can work in most situations
  • Apply other methods to influence in the absence of formal authority
  • Consistently succeed in influencing those that they do not have formal authority over
  • Significantly improve their own influencing effectiveness

Programme Outline

  • Assessing current influencing competencies
  • The business case to influence for results
  • Internal and external barriers to influencing effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence [EQ] and its link to influencing tendencies and effectiveness
  • Understand own EQ profile and the inherent strength and areas for improvement when influencing
  • Developing the strategies and action plans to leverage on strengths and mitigate on weaknesses
  • The law of reciprocity and its relevance to influencing
  • The seven-step influence model
  • Frequently valued exchange elements
  • Essential communication skills in influencing
  • Exchange strategies for building effective relationships
  • Influencing difficult people
  • What they do not teach you in business school about influencing
  • Developing a specific individual action plan

Who Will Benefit by Attending

  1. Senior Managers
  2. Line Managers of any Department
  3. Supervisors
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Anyone who needs to influence people within or outside the organisation to achieve their goals

Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by:

Michael Carr is an internationally experienced business manager with more than 30 years corporate experience garnered from working in England and Asia. His experience in the Asian Region commenced in 1998 when he assumed the position of Regional Director of a blue-chip, UK public-listed multinational being responsible for driving and implementing the strategic direction of a number of companies in a variety of Asian markets. These markets included Australia, U.A.E., Indonesia, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

He has seen the ups and downs of economies and their impact on corporate strategies – giving him the knowledge and skills in dealing with an ever changing world. These experiences continue to reinforce his belief in the importance of having strong leaders within the organization. As he aptly puts it, when things are not going right in my or any organization, the first echelon of people that I will focus on are the leaders as they are the ones who have the accountability to make things happen.

His working experience in Asia has enabled him to understand the working and leadership cultures within the Asian Region. He uses this knowledge to develop the appropriate interventions and share with his participants to help them to achieve their leadership potential.

Venue The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Duration Two days
Time 0900 to 1730
Fee RM2, 756 per person for local delegates or US$880 per person for foreign delegates [price is inclusive of 6% GST, programme documentation, tea breaks and lunch]
Enquiries +603-27131165
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