The Secrets of Positioning: Growing the Brand

“We are living in a surplus society. An age where similar companies employ similar people, working in similar jobs, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things”

-Kjell Nordstrom & Jonas Kidderstrale



Great brands thrive in any economy because customers are searching harder than ever for value for money. This course shares the secret of how to deliver outstanding value by turning intangible assets into value added marketing performance.

The uncertain global economy, credit crunch, fragmenting media and global markets are amongst many issues changing the face of brand management and the content focus is on five key approaches to getting more from your brand with less:

  • Secrets of successful positioning
  • New ideas in developing the brand profile
  • Bringing the concept to life with key drivers
  • Brand communications in the wired world
  • Brand metrics without brand damage

Benefits to you 

  • Gain inspiration and new ideas and techniques for your positioning work and brand planning
  • Learn how to analyse brand equity and design improvement factors
  • Unlock the secrets of 4C analysis and growth planning
  • Turn your positioning into creative planning and make the most of new media
  • Learn how to bring your brand to life through the marketing mix
  • Make the most of brand metrics to measure and build your brand.
  • Improve your network of professional colleagues.
  • Take away a complete text on the methodology of brand management including templates for common brand management tasks such as the brand audit, positioning checklists, equity models and planning frameworks


Who Will Benefit by Attending:

  • Managers needing to revitalise, refresh or reposition their brands
  • Brand managers and executives with responsibilities for brands. Business experience is valued but a theoretical background in marketing is not necessary
  • Senior management who want to get more from their brand equity
  • Experienced professionals looking for new ideas and also for less experienced marketers looking for practical insights into how world-class brands sustain their success.

 Programme Outline

Day One
Session 1: Key Issues
  • Introduction
  • Differences between trademarks and brands
  • Differences between corporate and product brands
  • Do brands have life-cycles?
  • Branding in non-traditional sectors e.g. financial services and B2B
  • Ingredient branding—a new approach to branding
  • Benefits of powerful branding
  • Brand equity and valuation

What you achieve:

A precise understanding of the elements of branding and how to value them


Session 2: Dissecting a brand
  • Identity and image
  • Tangible benefits
  • Emotional appeal
  • Brand profitability
  • Brand portrait and questioning frame
  • Building a brand template
  • Brand portfolios—House of brands or branded house

What you achieve:

How to use intangible value to build the value of your brand

 Session 3: Profiling
  • Category reviews
  • Analysis
  • Growth planning
  • Corporate [internal analysis]
  • The importance of segmentation and how to do it
  • Conducting customer analysis
  • Conducting competitor analysis [following reverse SWOT]
  • Channel analysis—value creation, value delivery and value communication

 What you achieve:

Building a category analysis to identify business opportunities and build a growth plan

 Session 4: Positioning

  • Idea generation
  • Completing the positioning strategy
  • Perception process in detail –perceptual maps
  • Positioning—compare identity and image and adjust
  • Positioning—The internal audience—make necessary change, tell them why and reward the right thing
  • Re-positioning
  • Examples of positioning statements
  • What we learn from positioning disasters and successes

 What you achieve:

How to unlock the trade secrets of branding and build a strong positioning

 Day Two
Session 5: Bringing the Brand to Life
  • Sensory branding and the extended mix
  • Using key drivers
  • Strategy, growth planning, positioning, the marketing mix
  • Realising the positioning by revising the mix
  • Adding value
  • Value differentiation
  • Adding Value—Economic Value Added [EVA] and Brand equity
  • Pricing check-list and price optimisation
  • Discounting and price cutting

What you achieve:

How to turn a great positional strategy into a powerful marketing mix plan

 Session 6: When the brands speaks
  • Marketing communications
  • Creative planning
  • Media planning and new media
  • Campaign planning
  • Communications planning—moving from the traditional approach to Brand planning
  • Agency brief example
  • Ten most influential marketing mediums

What you achieve:

How to support your plan with great communications

 Session 7: Keeping score
  • Brand metrics
  • Financial metrics
  • The annual brand plan—what it entails

What you achieve:

The benefit and use of Return on marketing investment and brand metrics to measure your output

 Session 8: Course Review
  • Summary
  • Feedback
  • Templates and planners

What you achieve:

How to get the best from your brands on a reasonable budget


Programme Leader

This programme
will be conducted by:

Pete Laver provides training and consultancy on brand and marketing issues and has established a reputation as one of the U.K.’s leading brand and product specialists. His ideas on Strategic Brand Management, Positioning and Product Management have moved beyond published marketing theory and have been widely and successfully used by his clients.

Working at the forefront of brand and marketing issues with leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Heinz, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei and Pfizer and many more household brands enables him to keep his work sharply focused on best practice and workable solutions. He has worked with many sectors including retail, financial services, IT and consumer goods.

Pete is a faculty member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK where he judged the 2009 Marketing Excellence Awards and regularly directs courses on brand and product management issues.  His brand marketing courses have attracted delegates from Williams Formula 1, Virgin Galactica and over 800 other famous brands.

His book- Successful Branding in a Week- was published in 2002 as part of a popular series and has attracted sales in excess of a million copies on a global basis.

Participants to his training sessions say that the greatest value they acquire is that Pete challenges their thinking and provides them with many inputs that are not available from books or the Internet. Pete resides in Newbury, England and travels extensively around the world to share his knowledge and experience on branding and product management.

Venue The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Duration Two Days
Time 0900 to 1730
Fee RM3, 922 per person for local delegates and

US$1, 250 per person for foreign delegates [price is inclusive of 6% GST, programme documentation, tea breaks and lunch]

Enquiries +603-27131165
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