What Makes Us Different

More than half of our in-house training and consulting engagements come from or are referred by our existing clients—this is testimonial of the effectiveness of our approach.

Two areas differentiate us from others:

PKMH’s mission is to provide customised training and consulting solutions to its clients through an intimate understanding of their needs and ensuring that there is transfer of learning that will bring about a positive change in RESULTS. We are able to continuously do so owing to the experience and exposure that all our trainers and consultants come with.

We conduct both in-house and public programmes to cater to the differing needs of our clients. Our trainers come from Asia, United Kingdom and United States of America and this ensures that we provide our clients with a globalised perspective of business.


Culture of collaboration and value creation

The culture of collaboration is the core of our business. It starts from the exploration stage whereby we take a ‘holistic’ view of the client’s business, seeing the organisation in its entirety using the systems approach.

Where applicable, we will undertake research to authenticate the findings of our training or consulting programmes. Uppermost on our mind is the value that the client gains as a result of engaging us.

Customised approach and tangible deliverables

We recognise that each organisation is unique in its own way. In view of this, all our engagements are customised to the client’s needs. While this requires additional time and effort, the outcomes using this approach are more lasting and visible.

Field Visits

Prior to conducting any Sales and Marketing in-house training programme, our trainers and consultants will conduct joint field trips with the clients’ sales professionals to assess their current competencies. The observations from these field trips will be used to develop customised case studies and role plays for the training.

Over the years, we have successfully helped many of our clients to grow their business using this “hands-on” approach.